Fintech Expertise: Empowering Innovation and Growth

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Founded with a Mission: Empowering Fintech Innovation and Growth


Founded in 2012, Payments Channel Solutions was established to tackle the significant challenges faced by emerging fintech enterprises in the PayTech sector. Our mission is to illuminate the path for these companies, helping them navigate the complexities of a market dominated by banks.

Payments Channel Solutions was created by a seasoned banker with extensive experience in commercial lending and cash management solutions. Our founder has a proven track record of leading strategic initiatives and business units within the banking and technology sectors. Recognizing the urgent need for expert guidance, we are dedicated to assisting fintechs in understanding and leveraging the Canadian payments ecosystem and expanding their reach globally.


As trusted advisors, we provide expert guidance through the complexities of market and regulatory environments. Our comprehensive consulting services, which include strategic partnerships and content-driven lead generation, empower our clients to succeed and thrive. By partnering with us, fintechs gain a guide and a strategic ally committed to their long-term success and transformation.


Our objective is to foster awareness, drive growth, and scale innovative products, enabling fintechs and established leaders alike to achieve greater success and transform within the financial landscape.

Champion Innovation

  • Consulting Advisory
  • Partnerships Alliances
  • Product Solutions
  • Training Workshops

  • Client-centric, building long term relationships
  • Leveraging our extensive network to foster alliances
  • Identifying opportunities sustainable revenue streams
  • Developing plans to accelerate growth and profitability

  • Fintech Organizations
  • Payment Service Providers (PSPs)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology Providers
  • Merchants

  • Innovation and collaboration, cornerstones of progress
  • Empowering growth, and unlocking new opportunities
  • Championing excellence drives highest quality service
  • Creating lasting value for all stakeholders
Anthony de Gale

Meet the Founder

Anthony de Gale

Anthony is a seasoned strategic advisor in the fintech and payments industry, known for his ability to navigate and leverage the complexities of modern business environments. With a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities, he excels in transforming intricate challenges into innovative solutions that drive market success. His collaborative mindset and strategic foresight make him a trusted partner to thrive.

  • The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Treasury Management Association
  • The Holt xChange
  • The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association (NCFA Canada)

Our speaking engagements go beyond merely forecasting the future of fintech; they ignite a spark of innovation and challenge conventional thinking. With a forward-thinking mindset, engaging narratives and insightful analysis, our presentations equip audiences with the tools and inspiration needed to drive meaningful change.