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B2B Merchant Aquiring

Using credit cards as an acceptance strategy for accounts receivable is strategic and worth exploring.

Risk Management

Don’t wait until you need it to begin to address it

Old ways die hard, business-to-business (B2B) merchant transactions in Canada:


by Credit Card


by cheque


by EFT

Why is this? Because Suppliers have a limited view of card acceptance benefits and the true financial impacts.

What We Offer

What is the best approach to accepting credit cards for your business? Where should you start? Does partnering make sense? If you are already accepting, how do you reduce processing fees? These are some of the challenges needing consideration in order to determine which direction to take. Let us help you make the process simpler, call us today.

Today’s supply chain systems have increased process efficiencies significantly however, the financial data flows that support these transactions have not kept pace as paper-based processes continue to impede advancement. If you’re offering payment terms, compelling reasons exist to consider card acceptance commercially: * get paid quicker * reduce bad debts * increase working capital.

Organizations are increasingly using cloud and mobile platforms to meet internal and external needs yet managing these risks from compromise is a difficult undertaking. The most challenging part of developing a risk management strategy is ensuring that it meets the needs of the organization while still being flexible, scalable and cost effective enough not to impede business objectives.

  • Payments Consulting 45% 45%
  • Information Security 5% 5%
  • B2B Merchant Acquiring 55% 55%

Credit cards as an accounts receivables strategy? It’s possible, let’s assess the situation

Commercial B2B Acquiring

It starts with an opportunity assessment:you can’t manage and improve, what you cannot see. And not knowing what and where you’re spending goes means not knowing where you can save. Let us do an assessment. We use spend analysis tools designed specifically for commercial payments to assess your environment.

Payments Channel Solutions Actionable ideas and recommendations report

There are a number of technologies and solutions today that effectively transform AR and AP departments from cost centres into profit centres.

  • Supplier side benefits include: Improved working capital and process efficiencies across AR activities coupled with reduced bad debts.
  • Buyer side benefits include: Improved cash management and process efficiencies across AP and procurement activities coupled with the potential to negotiate supplier discounts.
Anthony has been a great resource for us securing new partners while managing existing relationships. He’s a professional who certainly understands the payments sector and the team has benefited from his insights. It’s been a pleasure working with him.
Larry Chevalier

former CEO, Delego Software

For Canadian-based opportunities or collaborating with my team on cross-border deals and strategies, Anthony was a great resource and asset. His knowledge of the business, willingness to deliver and professionalism are a few of the reasons why I would welcome working with him again
Tony Abruzzio

former Senior Vice President, Global Payments

Anthony is very knowledgeable in his field and a great team player as well as a leader. His business ethics are of the highest and I look forward to being able to work with him again.
Christine Korda

Director, Windsor Arms Hotel, Senior Digital Marketing Professional, Forbes Top 50 Digital Influencers, Windsor Arms Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses have many questions when it comes to payments and how they can work best for their particular company’s needs. The following is just a sample of the types of questions we get asked every day by clients wanting to understand how to make payments work better for them.

There is no customer demand for card acceptance. Why should I accept card/promote card acceptance if my customers do not ask to use it when they purchase?
: Even though your customers may not ask if you accept credit cards, research shows that in many ways, Buyers prefer to pay by card. A couple of years ago, MasterCard and Kaiser Associates did a study found that Buyers are more likely to select Suppliers that accept credit cards versus one that does not. Buyers are even willing to substitute early pay discounts for card acceptance. In fact, in a survey, Buyers’ Purchasing Managers prefer to use credit cards because: • cards provide a payment float • cards provide more purchasing control • cards provide deeper data  
My average transaction size is quite large. How can accepting credit cards cost less?
The interchange rates are percentages – they are variable so while the ticket size and the cost of acceptance grows with transaction size the percentage remains the same. There are ways for Suppliers who accept commercial cards, to reduce the cost of acceptance: If the Supplier provides key levels of data, the rate can be reduced by as much as 60bp from standard commercial rates. The Card Networks can also offer a special rate for large ticket transactions where the ticket size is more than $10K CAD and the Supplier passes along line item detail, the rate can be as low as 1.2%.
What is addendum data and what does passing data mean?
Addendum data is information on purchases made with a Commercial Card that is over and above what is typically found on consumer credit card statements. Addendum data includes detailed tax breakdowns and line item details such as unit quantity, unit price, etc. Passing data requires the Supplier to collect and provide the addendum data on their Buyers’ purchases to their acquirer. The acquirer then passes that data on to the Card Networks who then provides this data to issuing banks and ultimately to the end client (the cardholder).
What do I need in order to pass data?
There are many data collection/retrieval solutions available from Canadian-based Acquirers that range in complexity and can be stand alone or fully integrated into your day-to-day operations.